Garden time with Athena

Bonding doesn’t need to be grand!

I grew up playing with plants, muds, and all dirty things. I enjoyed it playing with my friends. Since, I grew up in the countryside, planting vegetables is regular. My grandfather, Lolo Bino will sow the seeds of okra, talong, sitaw and other vegies. He will let me water them every morning and afternoon. My favorite errand is the picking time! Those vegetables helped me to appreciate food and its process of growing.

My goddaughter (inaanak) Athena visited me and asked to play with her. I was actually checking my tomato seeds. Upon seeing her, I asked her if she wants to play with me and do, “Hi, guys!” She was really excited and helped me prepare the seeds.

We started our playtime by getting cow manure in their backyard for fertilizer. We continued potting soil from our backyard as well and then sowed the seeds.

We had a great time together and excited to see the fruits of our labor! Watch our video here!


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