Promdi is a slang and coined word from “from the” or as Filipinos pronounce it as “prom di” that became “promdi” which is associated to a person who came from the rural areas or provinces. Promdis are thought to be traditional, naive, and simple. However, we promdis have experience so much about our lives. Simple joys that molded us to become happy people.

mspromdi.com celebrates the life of the Filipinos. It aims to share the beauty of the Filipino way of living and culture which is pegged in the beauty of the Philippines—a nation of dreams, aspirations, and courage.

Join me in sharing the stories of every Filipino. For journeys are well-spent if there are seeds of lessons and hopes sowed in every traveler’s heart.

Hi, I’m Maris Castro, a Filipina cultural traveler and writer exploring the roots of our ingenuity as Filipinos.

Join me as I discovered the joy in simplicity of life. As this fast-paced world changes our way of life, I would like to share bits of the things we often take for granted and be grateful for all of our blessings.